Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ResMed Introduces S9 CPAP Machine

ResMed S9 CPAP Machines are available at FPM Solutions

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You need a sleep therapy system that delivers more. Four and more.

When it comes to sleep, every minute counts. You need a sleep therapy system that ensures your patients will sleep through the night. Enter ResMed’s S9 Series.

In a recent study of 50 patients, ResMed’s S9 increased daily patient usage by up to 30 minutes on average.
ResMed’s S9 brings you four advantages to help your patients sleep through the night comfortably and feel the benefits of healthy sleep.

Four innovations to increase your patients’ sleep-through time

The S9 has four exclusive features that help you increase patient sleep time and therapy acceptance:

Quietest motor on the market

The exceptionally quiet Easy-Breathe motor makes sleep more peaceful for patients and their sleeping partners by reducing both conducted and radiated noise.3

Stylish, user-friendly design

The sleek appearance and user-friendly interface make therapy less intimidating.3-4

Superior humidification with Climate Control

Patients report significantly less dryness and rainout with the S9, and find mask temperature to be much more comfortable.1-2

Uniquely comfortable Easy-Breathe waveform

Patients find the natural Easy-Breathe waveform more comfortable to breathe with and experience fewer wakeups.1-3
Give your patients a system that delivers more. Four hours and more.